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Shannon uses a Masters in Social Work, a Minor in parenting, and 22 years of experience working with families of all shapes and sizes. Shannon’s practice is built from these experiences, coupled with training in:

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Working with children

Shannon brings her approachable and easy going style to help children develop a sense of safety and express their feelings. Using creative strategies tailored to a child’s age and stage of development, Shannon helps children to open up and to find healthy ways to express and regulate their emotions. Partnering this work with engaging a child’s caregivers in emotion and behaviour coaching has proven effective in seeing results for the child in the home, community and school.

Working with families

Shannon uses a toolbox of strategies to help unravel complex relationships and put them back together in a healthier form. Shannon uses a flexible approach to bring family members in and out of the process as needed and relies on tools from Emotion Focused Family Therapy and Attachment Theory to help develop connections and insight about them.  Shannon has experience working with families who are newly formed, adapting to change, separating, reuniting, in conflict or just struggling.  Whether working with the family as a whole or parts thereof, Shannon helps to create a space for families to develop healthier functioning.  

Working with individuals at various stages of life

Shannon uses a solution-focused talk therapy format to help adults unpack their feelings and experiences and make sense of their challenges, providing tools and strategies for reflection.  Challenges such as anxiety, depression, work-life balance, parenting identity, stress and life goals are a few of the areas in which Shannon has helped.  She is also a skilled perinatal mental health therapist who helps parents in the post-natal stage.  With an eclectic tool belt to rely on, Shannon uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, IFS and CBT to help individuals become more aware of the thoughts and feelings driving their actions, helping them to develop healthier coping.  

A healthier choice for a healthier you.

Our therapists work with families to help children build strong coping and regulation skills and strategies, inside and out. We work with parents to be the best connections their children deserve. We help couples find the connections that brought them together. And we work with individuals to find stronger connections within themselves and the world around them. Because roots make us grow